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We have a select number of mannequins and dress forms that are available for rent in the Southern California area (including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire, Ventura County, San Diego County, and Santa Barbara County). Items that start with AF are not available for rental.

Rental items are available for pick-up at our South El Monte warehouse, located 15-20 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. If you are unable to pick-up, we can help you arrange with a local courier, Jet Delivery, for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Item Rental Rate for 1-4 Days*   Each Additional Day
Adult Mannequin $50-115 up to $10/day
Baby/Children Mannequin $40-65 up to $5/day
Adult Dress Form $45-90 up to $10/day
Baby/Children Dress Form $20-45 up to $5/day

*A 4 day rental period allows for 1 day to pickup, 2 days of use, and 1 day to return. Rental rate remains the same for less than 24 hours rentals or 1 day rentals.

Security Deposit: The difference of the purchase price of the rental item will be charged as security deposit at time of rental. This security deposit will be refunded in full when the rental item is returned on time and in the same condition as it left.

Transport: Please plan accordingly when coming to pick up. An adult full size mannequin comes in a box that is 45-51" long. From experience, only 1-2 pcs will fit in a sedan, 2-3 pcs will fit in a mid-size SUV, 4 pcs will fit in a compact truck, and 4-6 pcs will fit in a full-size SUV/truck. If bringing an open bed truck, please be sure to bring something to secure the boxes down such as ropes or bungees cords.

Rental Inquiries: Please email us with the following information and our rental specialist will reply you via email or phone.

  • Contact name
  • Daytime contact number
  • Rental period (pick up and return date, available on weekday only)
  • Type of item you'll like to rent, eg: male/female/child, headless/with head, full body/half body, color, quantity
    (If not known, please let us know what you will be using it for so our rental specialist can give you some suggestions.)



Availability subject to change. All rentals are available for purchase.

Male or Female White Linen Dress Forms w/ Articulate Arms on Caster Bases, $50 rental fee with $50 security deposit each. Also available for purchase $100/set (used). Brand new is $210.98 for this combination (MN-602 female or MN-603 male, with MA-025 caster base)

Bendable/Flexible Female Mannequins (grey egghead or fleshtone realistic head), $80 rental fee with $110 security deposit each.

Female Full Body Mannequin with Molded Hair in WHITE, $50 rental fee with $50 security deposit each. Also available for purchase $100/set (used).
5' 11.25" Tall, 34.75" Chest, 26.25" Waist, 35.75" Hip, 11" Neck, 15" Shoulder, 30" Inseam, 10" Foot, comes with glass base

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Female Full Body Headless Mannequin in WHITE, $50 rental fee with $50 security deposit each. Also available for purchase $100/set (used).

Upper or Lower Female Torsos, $30 rental fee with $30 security deposit each. Also available for purchase $60/set (used).


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