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Resealable Poly Bags

Crystal clear resealable plastic jewelry bag. One hole on top, ready to be hung on hook displays. Sold in packs of 100 bags.

Size is measured for the entire bag, including the hook tab with hole on top and resealable lip on bottom.

When ordering poly bags to be used with jewelry cards, please order a size that is at least one inch taller and half inch wider than the card for a proper fit.

ID Full Bag Size Price/PkgQty/PkgAdd to Cart
PG-0155.12" L x 2.36" W$2.43100
PG-0815.12" L x 1.97" W$2.18100
PG-0825.12" L x 2.76" W$2.52100
PG-0835.12" L x 3.54" W$3.09100
PG-0116.30" L x 2.95" W$2.83100
PG-0076.30" L x 4.33" W$3.94100
PG-0066.30" L x 5.12" W$4.35100
PG-0056.30" L x 2.56" W$2.73100
PG-0846.3" L x 1.97" W$2.41100
PG-0966.3" L x 3.54" W$3.44100
PG-0856.69" L x 5.51" W$4.81100
PG-0867.48" L x 3.54" W$3.89100
PG-0877.48" L x 4.33" W$4.47100
PG-0927.48" L x 2.76" W$3.21100
PG-0089.06" L x 1.97" W$2.83100
PG-09310.24" L x 5.91" W$6.87100
PG-09510.24" L x 4.33" W$5.38100
PG-03510.5" L x 5.9" W$8.86100
PG-08911.02" L x 1.57" W$2.86100
PG-10011.2" L x 6.25" W$8.86100
PG-10511.38" L x 1.3" W$2.99100
PG-10611.5" L x 2" W$3.57100
PG-00412.20" L x 2.76" W$4.35100
PG-08812.2" L x 1.97" W$3.66100
PG-09114.17" L x 9.84" W$16.61100
PG-09015.75" L x 11.81" W$21.19100

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